Academic Support

We make every effort to give our students the support they need to be successful. Faculty members are available every day after school to assist students who may need extra help, tutoring, or encouragement. The students themselves organize into Learning Teams, designed to provide student support for one another as they move through their course of study.

Summer School Schedule

Session 1: (PCRHS)
June 23-July 10
8 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday-Thursday only
Biology/Chemistry only
Register by contacting the main office 317-860-1000

Session 2: (Herron High School) July 15-31st
8 a.m.-2 p.m., Monday-Friday
Algebra II, Economics, English, Geometry, Health/P.E., U.S. Government
Register by visiting Seats are limited, apply ASAP.

Please note the differences between the dates/times of Session 1 at PCRHS and Session 2 at Herron High School. Courses at both locations are shorter and more intense than regular classes. For that reason, students who miss more than one day of summer school may not receive credit.

Faculty and staff often stay into the evening when students need assistance. We’re also open almost every Saturday morning, so that students who want a quiet place to study, need help with some of their subjects, or need access to a computer can come and get their work done.

Counselors are also available to lend support to students who need personal, academic, and college counseling. The counselors work proactively with students, helping them to anticipate their needs and plan for their futures as early as their freshman year.