Providence Cristo Rey High School

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Thomas Awiapo Speaks at Providence Cristo Rey High School

Providence Cristo Rey High School is in its second year as a Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Global High School. The CRS Global High School program provides opportunities for Catholic secondary schools to join with CRS to educate students about Catholic social teaching and advocate for solidarity with the global poor.
Through the CRS Rice Bowl program, Providence Cristo Rey students hear stories from men, women, and children from other countries who are facing extreme hunger and poverty. All the stories center around this year's Rice Bowl theme of Encounter, which encourages us to live our faith in action and cultivate a spirit of global solidarity. 
PCR students are also participating in the almsgiving portion of the CRS Rice Bowl program, which challenges individuals to participate in daily almsgiving to help them reflect on the realities of others and how they can be in solidarity with them. Our school-wide goal is $250. 
We were blessed to have the opportunity to host Thomas Awiapo, a nationally known CRS speaker from Ghana. Thomas spoke about going to school each day as a small boy in Ghana, not because of his thirst for knowledge, but because of the small snack that was offered to daily attendees of the school. Eventually, he realized how valuable his education would become to him, and would go on to earn a Masters degree from California State University. 
Thomas's message to the students was that our small actions to encourage others can lead to big, extraordinary change. The small amounts we are able to give to the Rice Bowl add up to very real, potentially life-changing opportunities for other teenagers across the globe. 
Thank you to Catholic Relief Services, the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, and Thomas Awiapo for helping us organize this wonderful opportunity for our students.