Providence Cristo Rey High School

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Providence Cristo Rey Senior Awarded Full Tuition Scholarship to Manchester University


Right: Amareca & her mother, Arnetta. Left: Amareca & Ange Huffman, Assistant Admissions Director from Manchester University 

Providence Cristo Rey High School senior, Amareca Williams-Bradley, has been keeping herself busy over the last few years. In addition to being on the track and volleyball teams, taking AP & dual-credit courses, being a student ambassador, and working at a part-time job, she has participated in programs held by the Center for Leadership Development (CLD).

Amareca has completed seven of CLD’s programs, including Emerging CLD Scholars, Success Prep, and the Rawls Scholars Medicine Initiative. "Personally, I think these programs have helped me gain more self-confidence,” she says. “I have learned more about myself and my career goals.”

Because she participated in CLD's Self Discovery/Career Exploration & College Prep programs, she was eligible to apply for major scholarships with CLD's partner colleges. Amareca was most excited about the possibility of a full-tuition scholarship from Manchester University.

She first learned about Manchester from a PCR alumna that is now a freshman at the university. When that student came back to visit last fall, the things she said about her school made Amareca want to visit the campus.

During her visit, the first thing she noticed was how peaceful the campus felt to her. “It also felt pretty diverse, and I liked that it has a smaller student body,” says Amareca. She was impressed by the faculty in the psychology department, especially one professor who took the time to talk with her about her major choice and graduate school. “He knew every senior’s name and what grad school they were going to in the fall. You could tell he has a lot of one-on-one time with his students.”

After the visit, Amareca knew Manchester was the school for her. She even had her major picked out – Psychology with a concentration in Cognitive Neuroscience. “I’ve always wanted to be a pediatric neurosurgeon. The brain is really interesting to me.” 

Throughout the admissions process, Ange Huffman, Assistant Admissions Director at Manchester University, was a helpful presence for Amareca and her mother, Arnetta. “Ange answered any questions that we had. She always had time to talk to us, and is such a friendly person.”

After being admitted to Manchester, Amareca began the process of applying to CLD’s full-tuition scholarship to Manchester. She was a little nervous that she would not receive it, but knew that she had worked as hard as she could to make it happen. All the good grades, extracurricular activities, and leadership roles were getting her ready to compete for this.

When she got the call, she was at a track meet, just a few minutes away from her throwing event.

“Ange called to tell me I had gotten the scholarship. I was really shocked! The first thing I wanted to do was run to the other side of the building to tell my mom, because I knew she was going to be so happy. I tell her about everything that happens with me, good or bad, but I just knew she was going to be really excited for this one. She had prayed for a long time for this, and she was just hoping so much that I was going to get it. She hugged me for so long, I had to tell her to let go so I could go throw.”

Now that she knows she can afford her dream school, she is thinking about what she can do with the next four years and beyond.

“I can’t wait to take classes in my major. I plan to go to medical school or graduate school eventually, and be in a career that helps people and explores new things.”