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Student Stories

Two Brothers Join PCRHS Family: 

Two new students for the 2016-17 academic year have more than one thing in common: They are brothers and they both love soccer.

Gustavo Adame, 17, and Brian Adame, 14 live on the same street as Providence Cristo Rey and attended neighboring St. Anthony Catholic School. As a freshman, Gustavo said he knew he needed to gain the responsibility that would prepare him for the workplace. When he wasn’t admitted to Providence Cristo Rey, he buckled down and got serious about his school work and was asked to reapply his junior year.

“I knew a lot about Providence Cristo Rey because a lot of my classmates from St. Anthony go here,” said Gustavo, the oldest child of three. When he attended the job fair this year, he set his mind to one thing: Making a great first impression. The result: He was the top draft pick at Corporate Work Study partner Frost Brown Todd.

“I was so happy, I can’t even describe how I felt,” said Gustavo. “I’ve seen experience beat all and I absolutely love my job. I go into work trying to make a first impression every day.” At work, he is learning about new computer programs and resources – something he thinks will be valuable when he pursues his college education and his dream of joining the FBI Behavior Analysis Unit.

“Gustavo is doing Providence Cristo Rey very proud,” said his supervisor at Frost Brown Todd. “He’s making a great effort and is very enthusiastic.”

At the end of his school day, Gustavo joins his younger brother Brian on the soccer fields. Both boys are on track to becoming 21st Century Scholars.

“I came to Providence Cristo Rey because of the job opportunities,” said Brian, who works at our Corporate Work Study Partner Ivy Tech Community College. The boys’ parents Monico and Bernenice Adame both work in housekeeping and maintenance at local hotels. “They always tell us to take the opportunities you have and make the most of it because they never had those opportunities,” said Brian, who plays forward on the Wolves soccer team and hopes to become a pro athlete.

What would they tell other students considering Providence Cristo Rey? “I would first ask them what they want to do with their future and then I’d tell them to take advantage of this opportunity and get experience that will help them reach their goals,” said Gustavo.


Brother and Sister Move from Africa
Brother and sister, Peniel and Lydvine Adjahouisso moved to the United States about a year ago. Having grown up in Benin, a country in West Africa, they were taught French at an early age. Before enrolling in school, the brother and sister worked diligently to learn English as their second language. This year, they enrolled at Providence Cristo Rey High School where Peniel is a junior and Lydvine is a freshman.
They moved to the United States to live with their father, Pepin Adjahouisso who left Africa a decade ago in search of better opportunities.
"My father left school his junior year to take care of his family when my grandfather died," said Peniel. "He wanted us to have a good education." They chose Providence Cristo Rey because they wanted a Catholic school with smaller class sizes than a public school.
"At Providence Cristo Rey, the teachers and staff really care that we learn. When I first came to the United States I was afraid to speak because I thought people would make fun of me. At Providence Cristo Rey, people take the time to listen and learn about our culture," said Lydvine.
Peniel works at Corporate Work Study partner site Families First. Lydvine works at the Indiana State Treasurer's Office.
"I love everything about my job. The people are so nice and encouraging," said Peniel who wants to attend college and study engineering. At Providence Cristo Rey, he played one of his favorite sports soccer in the fall and hopes to run track in the spring.
Lydvine, who wants to become a pediatrician said she has learned so many skills on her job, including filing, organizing, and communication.
The brother and sister admit that they do miss a favorite mealtime staple, foufou made of green Plantain flour and typically served alongside soups. But they love American fast food - especially hamburgers and pepperoni pizza.
Kierra Thompson and Tatiana Douglas, Class of 2016
Kierra Thompson and Tatiana Douglas as both freshmen at IUPUI. As a student at Providence Cristo Rey, Kierra worked at Eli Lilly and Company. She said that experience led her toward her career in neuroscience. Tatiana is studying interior design. As a student at Providence Cristo Rey she worked at United Healthcare, Ivy Tech Community College, and Duke Realty. 
Devarrio Wilkins, Class of 2015
 Devarrio worked at Materials Processing Inc. while attending PCRHS, and said what he liked best about his Corporate Work Study experience was learning from his co-workers. Devarrio graduated with a number of scholarships and distinctions including co-Salutatorian. He continues his education at Franklin College. 
"I'd tell others considering Providence Cristo Rey, that they should go because they'll get a taste of work and the real life," he said. 

Damoria Martin, Class of 2015
Damoria is a student at Ball State University where she is a residential property managment major. She recently accepted an intership with Wiedner Apartments in Colorado Springs. She graduated from Providence Cristo Rey with an academic honors diploma completing college courses in communications, composition, and business at IUPUI and Marian University, while attending PCRHS. As a high school student, she worked for Eli Lilly, earning more than 750 hours of on-the-job experience. As a leader of her class, Damoria served as a student ambassador, participated in team sports including softball, volleyball, and cheerleading and completed 80 hours of community service. Damoria was awarded more than $74,000 in annual college scholarships. She was salutatorian of her graduating class. 
Cynthia Schrunder, Class of 2015
Cynthia is a student at IUPUI where she studies graphic design. She is a 21st Century Scholar. While attending Providence Cristo Rey she worked at Allied Solutions and August Mack Environmental. 

Jasmine Perez, Class of 2014
Jasmine is the oldest of three siblings who attended PCRHS. What she learned through her Corporate Work Study experience at NIPSCO and St. Vincent Health was that her efforts truly impact an organization. "I was especially inspired by the women I met at our Corporate Work Study Partners. I had female managers who were strong role models." She is a junior at Marian University studying psychology and Spanish. Jasmine is also a member of the National Honor Society for Leadership and Success. She hopes to gain an internship in human resources and also study abroad before completing her undergraduate studies. She eventually wants to earn her Doctorate in psychology behavior and neuropsychology. 
Jaylan Anderson, Class of 2014
"One of the main reasons I came to Providence Cristo Rey was to hone my leadership skills," said Jaylan Anderson, Class of 2014. " I did that both on the job at Defenders and through academic opportunities. I became student body president and two days after graduation, I was continued my employed with Defenders while attending college." 
Britney Plummer, Class of 2011
Britney Plummer is one of our first college graduates. She earned a degree in Fashion Merchandising from Indiana State University and is now working in New York City. "I felt like when I entered college I had an edge on being more professional than other freshmen. My Corporate Work Study experience taught me how to dress, act and present myself. I learned about my work ethic at Providence Cristo Rey.  It wasn't easy to get by. You had to work hard and do well. I came into my freshman year of college running - knowing that I could achieve anything." 

















Meet This Sophomore:


It was a visit to a hospital that landed Ahmed Afolabi at Providence Cristo Rey.

During a shadow day, Ahmed visited our Corporate Work Study Partner Eskenazi Health.

“I got to see what it would be like to work in a professional environment as a high school student and I knew I wanted to go to Providence Cristo Rey,” said Ahmed, a sophomore. For the past two years he has worked at Citizen’s Energy and recently spent winter break working in the company’s IT department. That experience was a perfect fit for Ahmed’s long-term goals – to own a business that specializes in all aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – in research and development.

To further his experience, he takes part in the PCR award-winning robotics team and is also active in DECA, an organization that prepares students for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, management, and business.

As a 21st Century Scholar, Ahmed says college is an absolute in his future and has been since his family moved to the United States seven years ago. Born in Togo, a country in West Africa, Ahmed lives with his three siblings and parents.

“One of the big reasons I came to PCR is the opportunity to take college classes,” said Ahmed, who is on track to receiving more than 30 dual credits in four years including courses in web design, algebra and trigonometry. He takes the math classes on the IUPUI campus twice a week, and maintains a 4.11 GPA.

Although he’s lived in the United States since second grade, Ahmed says he still remembers the warm weather, spicy rice dishes and beautiful landscape in his birthplace.

“I do miss some things, but I am excited to see what opportunities are ahead of me and I really like where I am now at PCR.”

Junior Adriana wants to be a nurse.
Sophomore Alejandro may be a writer or a music producer.
Junior Alexander wants to be a veterinarian. He works at the Indianapolis Zoo.