Providence Cristo Rey High School

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Providence Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry - "May we all be Saints." - St. Mother Theodore 

Providence Campus Ministry is dedicated to serving our loving Provident God by supporting our students and staff on their spiritual journey during their time at Providence Cristo Rey.  As a part of our Catholic Identity, all faiths are welcomed and everyone is invited to participate in the Campus Ministry program.


Campus Ministry hopes to invite each student into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and provide them with experiences to live out the Gospel call to bring the Kingdom of God.  Campus Ministry is guided by the Value Statements of the Sisters of Providence:


> Trust in God (Providence)

> Love

> Mercy

> Justice

> Care for Creation

> Community


The theme and ultimate mission for Providence Campus Ministry comes from a quote said by the foundress of the Sisters of Providence, Saint Mother Theodore Guerin: "May we all be Saints!"  Providence is committed to graduating students who are not only college and career ready, but who are ultimately going to bring Glory to the Kingdom of God.  Our students are being formed to be disciples of Christ, servant-leaders, peacemakers, world-changers, individuals of characters, and people who do good every day.  In other words, our students are being formed to be saints.


How are we called to be saints?  Saint Mother Theodore answers that in another quote: "What have we to do in order to be saints?  Nothing extraordinary.  Nothing more than what we do every day, only do it for His Love."  


"To all God's beloved in Rome, who are called to be saints: Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ." Romans 1:7

Providence Cristo Rey Pledge
As members of the Providence Cristo Rey community, we put our confidence in our Provident God who so far has never failed us. We promise to put God first and to strive always to do the right thing. Wherever we are, we will uphold the values, standards and ethics of Providence Cristo Rey High School. 
We promise to carry ourselves with pride and professionalism and to be dependable, truthful, trustworthy, polite, honest, respectful and positive. In all that we do, we will put forth every ounce of effort and will strive for excellence.
We promise to take initiative, to set a good example for future Providence Cristo Rey students, and to create a world in which dreams beyond belief can be achieved, bringing hope to those who have non and happiness to those who lack it.
We make this pledge in gratitude for all those people who have shown their believe in us by working and contributing so much to make this school possible. We are confident that if we keep these promises, we will take the lead in creating a more just society and in building a brighter, more hopeful future for ourselves and others. 

Coming Soon . . . 
We are excited to announce that the critically-acclaimed musical "The Cross and the Light" is coming to Indianapolis and Providence Cristo Rey is a recipient of a portion of proceeds from all ticket sales. The musical will be performed March 10-12 at Carmel High School Auditorium. Ticket orders are available below and can be turned in the front office of PCRHS to the attention of Kate Brown, campus minister. To learn more about this musical go here