Student Scholarships

Our students earn the majority of their tuition through the Corporate Work Study program. Because our students face economic challenges; they need support for the remainder of their tuition and other costs of their education. Please consider supporting our scholarship funds.

Scholarship donations begin at $1,000 and can range up to $4,000 for those who are interested in funding the balance of a student's tuition.

Academic Improvement Grants

For students who raise their grades in academic subjects.  The grants are applied to tuition expenses in grades 10-12. 

Adopt-a-Student Grant

The Adopt-a-Student scholarship is applied to tuition for the adopted student  for one year in grades 9-12.

Beyond All Odds Scholarship

These grants are applied to tuition for grades 9-12 students who will be the first in their families to overcome academic obstacles towards acceptance into college.

Bridge to College Scholarship

These scholarships are applied to tuition for grades 9-12 PCRHS students enrolled in  the 21st Century Scholars program who need additional financial aid to continue their path towards college acceptance.

Corporate Work Study Scholarship

These scholarships are awarded to outstanding students who excel at their CWS jobs. The awards are applied to the student's tuition in grades 10-12.

Leadership Scholarship

These scholarships are award to students who exemplify leadership qualities in all facets of student life, in both academic and extra curricular endeavors. They are applied to tuition in grades 10-12.

St. Mother Theodore Guerin Scholarship

Awarded to incoming students with outstanding academic achievements. These scholarships are applied to tuition in grades 9-12.

The Providence Scholarship

This is the premier academic achievement award given by PCRHS. They are applied to tuition in grades 10-12.

Service Learning Scholarship

These scholarships are for those who significantly give back to their communities. The award is applied to tuition in grades 9-12.           

Financial Aid Fund

Awarded to grades 9-12