Student Stories


Kierra Black
Class of 2011
Intern at Baker & Daniels, LLP

I've enjoyed the work experience of being here at Providence Cristo Rey High School. I've met some good people. I often call some of my co-workers just to see how they are. Providence Cristo Rey made me better because I've grown more mature since I've been here. If I were at an IPS school, I would be in plenty of trouble. I've learned more. I have gotten smarter here, been more challenged. At work, I learned that you wouldn't act the same way in a workplace as you do with your friends. Those are the things that make this school different. Sometimes the teachers can be petty, but I can’t complain. I’m blessed to be here. God put me in this school for a reason.


Darnell Bland
Class of 2011
Intern at August Mack

Honestly, I have enjoyed my time at Providence Cristo Rey High School. I appreciate the freedom we are given to start our own clubs and organizations. The jobs are incredibly beneficial. The corporate sponsors give us work that trained professionals with degrees do. I have matured as an individual since I started Providence Cristo Rey High School.

MontaneaMontanea Daniels
Class of 2011
Intern at Eli Lilly and Company

Providence Cristo Rey High School has changed my life and my perspective on life for the better. I am now more motivated and determined to succeed in life because of the encouraging and hopeful words from my teachers. The difference at this school compared with other schools is not only the wonderful work experience but the school environment. As soon as I walk in the door every morning, I feel welcomed by my teachers and proud to be part of this school. This school has made me realize that where I came from is not necessarily where I have to be in the future. I can accomplish more than I ever thought. Providence Cristo Rey is the place to be.

Taylor Dickmeyer
Class of 2011
Intern at St.Vincent Health

I've been taught to make a better life for myself so that I won’t have to struggle. My family pushes me to do my best and never give up. Providence Cristo Rey encouraged me to take advantage of my educational opportunities, and here I am, in the nursing program at Indiana State University. Read her entire story.

Antarius Drain
Class of 2012
Intern at Defender Direct

I prefer projects over textbooks, and using computers to do online research. My work experiences in the IT department at Marian Inc., in the lab at AIT Laboratories, and now in the IT department at Defender Direct helped me realize that I have valuable skills beyond those measured by homework and test scores. I plan to study computer technology at Indiana University and hope that I will run my own business some day. Read the full story.
SimoneSimone Heard
Class or 2011 
Intern at BKD, LLP

 I would have to say ever since I attended Providence Cristo Rey, I have learned a lot. I learned that the way to stay up on your grades is to do your homework - always stay focused and aim for excellence. Another thing I do love is the small class size where we can get the attention we need. PCRHS is a great place to attend high school. 

Stephen Hill
Class of 2011
Intern at August Mack Environmental

Stephen worked for August Mack since August of 2009. In his junior year, he was given a task to help design a web-based database for clients and employees that manages time and information collected in the field. Once he completed the database, he was asked to make a presentation to staff to explain how it worked and deliver the procedures document. “My IT job requires that I communicate with many different people all the time, which prepared me to make the presentation. Afterward, I heard loud applause and knew I’d earned a name for myself in the IT department,” he says. Read his story here.

DestineeDestinee Moore
Class of 2012
Intern at St. Francis Hospital 

I have been interested in medicine for a long time. My aunt is a nurse and my mother is a medical technician. I was able to explore my interest in medicine in high school because Providence Cristo Rey offers the Corporate Work Study Program. I worked at St. Francis Hospital all four years doing a variety of jobs there. Recently I was able to attend a luncheon sponsored by the Network of Women Business Owners and I heard some amazing women talk about their experiences and what they've been through to succeed. One comment in particular stuck with me, "I would rather work 100 hours for myself than one hour for someone else." I want to be an OB/GYN some day because I like to help people and that field is a more personal kind of medicine. I'm planning to attend University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne.


Britney Plummer
Class of 2011
Intern at BKD, LLP

Providence Cristo Rey is a wonderful school. I have enjoyed many things about going to this school. I have enjoyed the great benefit of learning things a little bit more easily than most kids going to regular schools. I have grown while going to PCRHS because it has made me more mature as a person. I have learned that working and going to school isn’t easy. It takes long hours and hard work. PCRHS is different from other schools because it gives you a better opportunity at life. It makes you see what real life and corporate life is really about. All in all, PCRHS is a great school and will benefit you in many ways.

Andrew Watkins
Class of 2016
Intern at Eli Lilly and Company

Even in his freshman year at PCRHS, Andrew already has a sense of belonging. “I already feel comfortable; everyone here wants to help you out.” For him, the small class sizes and extra time and attention from teachers make all the difference “I feel like I get more [from class] because the teachers can work with students one on one, plus they are all fun and want to help.”  He plans to work hard and utilize all of the resources available at PCRHS in order to maintain and even exceed his current 3.0 GPA. Read more of his story.